What is The Cypherfunks (FUNK)?

What is The Cypherfunks (FUNK) –  Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The modern-day music industry almost seems like a cruel joke with all the mediocrity churned out every day. It definitely makes you wonder if people in those record labels and studio offices are tone deaf. With the rise of autotune and ample amounts of behind the scenes songwriters, it leaves many decent music artists feeling a bit jaded.

After all, nothing like fighting for your dream to make the next summer hit, being in a mainstream rock band or individual artist only to be told you don’t have the right “voice”, sound or looks for a record labels whims. This attitude alone has left many people feeling like a music career is nothing more than a pipe dream that only the well-connected and adored get to receive.

While some platforms like Youtube and TV shows like X factor and America’s Got Talent do help get some people in the music industry door, it is often a huge hit or miss. Sure, not everyone has the talent to churn out the autotuned dribble on the radio, but some people do have what it takes to be a real star. These people only need the opportunity to shine for music lovers everywhere.

So how can they do that? How can people make their music and get their content out where everyone can see it and listen? What about the people who can sing but are afraid to go it alone in the big bad music industry world?

There are many bands and music groups that often take an aspiring artist under their wing so that they can provide their voice without the fear. But what if that could be made easier? A place where people can come together can make music all under one name and everyone benefits.

The Cypherfunks: The Open Source Band of the Modern Age

Want to try your hand and be in a digital band? Well, the creators of The Cypherfunks believe you can. Their whole goal is to provide artists a platform where anyone can individually or in a group make music under the Cypherfunks band name.

Basically, artists would be taking part in an internet band where they can create, remix, produce, share, reproduce and even cover all songs under the internet band’s stage name The Cypherfunks.
This sort of platform is testing the limits with open source cryptocurrency networks and the music industry as such. Everyone who makes music on the platform gets a share of the profits.

The goals of this internet band is to be the largest band in the world and establish a music community that will use their Funk tokens to help the community continuously create new music.

How Does The Cypherfunks Work?

The Cypherfunks operates on the basis of trading Funk coins via a litecoin (scrypt) algorithm. Everyone who takes part in the community can be either a contributor or tip other musicians with Funk tokens. These tokens can either be exchanged within the community or into other altcoins via online cryptocurrency exchanges. The tokens themselves act as a sort of “stock” for all members.

The future of this platform is to one day allow users to use their Funk tokens to purchase products on their platform.

Final Thoughts

The Cypherfunks is a pretty interesting concept. It can definitely help struggling musicians get a good start on developing their musical skills while receiving some side profit. Providing a healthy and secure environment for aspiring artists is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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