What is Signals Network (SGN)

What is Signals Network (SGN) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Signals is a decentralized, blockchain-based crypto trading platform that enables users to develop their trading strategies and performances, with no previous skills or knowledge required. It is an easy-to-use platform that aims to educate the public on cryptocurrencies and how to trade them.

As the cryptocurrency market is currently booming and becoming more adopted into the mainstream, more and more people are advancing alongside it and are becoming crypto traders. Signals doesn’t want the public to have to rely on their human emotions and cognitive bias to, in a sense, gamble with cryptocurrency; Signals aims to provide machine intelligence. The platform’s ultimate goal is to connect the data science community and developers, with users who are interested in becoming traders and who want to develop their trading strategies.

Essentially, Signals is a playground for crypto traders. It aims to disrupt the trading industry by providing the opportunity for users without any programming skills to create algorithmic trading models. It opens crypto trading to absolutely anyone by providing users with smart tools, and it empowers users to experiment with different models and techniques. Users also may optimize strategies and share those strategies with others; this lends to the incorporation of crypto trading into the mainstream.

How Signals Revolutionizes Crypto-Trading

Signals has built a platform that is easy for anyone to use. It is revolutionary in that it provides the opportunity for any user to become involved in crypto trading, even if they don’t have any programming skills. Signals achieves this with machine intelligence. The platform is powered by vast amounts of historical data and computational power. Machines can make precise and complex decisions in an instant, and by relying on machine intelligence rather than human, users can make better decisions and develop better trading strategies.

Signals provides a visual strategy builder. Users merely pick and combine indicators, such as technical analysis or deep learning, to explore trading strategies and develop an understanding of trading. Once they figure out what works for them they can share that knowledge with others on the platform, and connect their models to a crypto exchange. This enables powerful trading strategies to be developed by crowd-sourced wisdom. Users can communicate with the Signals community and speak with others about ideas and progress.

The SGN Token

The Signals network has its own form of cryptocurrency in the Signals token, or SGN. SGN is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token, and is provides accessibility to all features that are available on the Signals platform. Although users cannot mine SGNs, they are able to access them by trading for them on exchanges.

Signals is a truly unique platform that provides crypto trading algorithms in a friendly way. It enables users all around the world to become involved in crypto trading, no matter their previous knowledge or experience. As cryptocurrencies take over the financial world and are adopted into the mainstream, knowing how to participate is a valuable resource for the public around the world. Signals is a platform that represents the future of cryptocurrency, and is a network that cares about the community as it provides absolutely anybody with the ability to become a crypto trader.

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