What is Paragon (PRG)

What is Paragon (PRG)

Paragon is a firm that is responsible for the introduction of fresh allocated ledger system for the supply chain, as well as the marijuana business. This is possible because it is adding the blockchain network which will enable safe, crystal clear and simple records. This firm is concerned with bringing revolution to the cannabis business so as to ensure better synergy between all sectors that have a relationship with the cannabis industry. These sectors include doctor registries, marijuana IDs, prescription, harvesting, and seed to sale tracking cannabis related services for the consumer.

The protocol can also be made use of to record data that concern cannabis products. These data includes but is not limited to the origin, time of harvest, sustainability, organic status, harvest, etc. The cannabis industry is one that currently needs a process that can make it streamlined. The reason for this is simply because it is characterized by fragmentation and distrust. However, if Paragon succeeds in this industry with the power of blockchain smart contracts, then, it will successfully link the cannabis industry and, therefore lead to the decriminalization of cannabis around the world.

Although Paragon is very much in its early stages, plans to cover every area of the cannabis business are being put in place. Also, the introduction of blockchain based smart contracts to the industry will lead to a better-organized industry where every process is stable and verified.

How Does a Paragon Coin Function?

The paragon coin is a token that will be made use of on the blockchain which works on ethereum smart contracts and will be made use of in the paragon system This token will play a vital role in the workings of both the online, as well as offline ecosystem, and will, therefore, target cannabis businesses that are legally related throughout the world. Furthermore, Paragon will sync each trusted source and make  seed for the sale of supply chain tracking, medical prescription, and lab testing.

As it stands, there is a scarcity of paragon coins. This will be of benefit to whoever adopts this coins early as soon as a mass adoption of these coins is effected. Although the paragon coins are not meant to replace fiat money in the cannabis industry, however, they will make available an efficient antidote that can be taken advantage of by the entire cannabis sector.

In addition to this, Paragon will also instigate the content platform as well as the PRG user community with the use of digital tokens. Together with other cryptocurrencies, these tokens can be substituted for fiat currency.

About the ICO

The initial token crowd sale is expected to hold between the 15th of September and the 16th of October, 2017. Also, access is through paragoncoin.com. After an amount of 200,000,000 PRGs have been generated, that will signal the end in the production of tokens. This is a process that will lead to an increase in the value of tokens as soon as they are properly circulated.

All that is needed by users that are interested in taking part in this ICO is to create a login that will be made use of in buying PRG. In addition to this, some of the most popular cryptocurrencies can be exchanged on the Paragon website.

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