What is MediBloc (MED)?

What is MediBloc (MED)? Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The medical industry employs a number of important regulations, such as HIPAA, to maintain the security of medical files and protect a patient’s privacy. While it is essential to make sure such protections remain in place, it can also cause tedious work for patients. Often patients will find themselves filling out repetitive forms before doctor visits or becoming frustrated when specialists do not have access to their complete medical care history. In worse scenarios, this can cause serious problems to be overlooked and result in a patient not receiving the best available medical care.

MediBloc is stepping in with a way to bridge the disconnect of information without jeopardizing the privacy of patients. Using blockchain technology, MediBloc has designed a decentralized healthcare information system that will keep a step by step record of a patient’s entire healthcare history while remaining compliant to HIPAA regulations.

What MediBloc Will Do

MediBloc’s open-source blockchain protocol will allow a patient’s medical information to be compiled securely and completely in a single, accessible area. This will make sure that everything from doctor’s appointments to chart updates will be made available in one place allowing for faster and more comprehensive care to individuals, giving patients more control over their medical files.


MediBloc’s native currency, MED, will be offered as a reward to encourage the sharing of data within the platform. Patients and providers will be incentivized to contribute to platform growth through the currency. Moreover, patients will able to use tokens to pay routine bills such as insurance premiums with MediBloc partners.

As of right now, only two exchanges – Coinrail and Gate.io – support trading MED. If users do not wish to store their MED in exchange wallets, the only other current option is Qtum Core Wallet.

Features of MediBloc

By moving medical data onto an open-source, decentralized, blockchain network, MediBloc hopes to accomplish a number of goals that will assist in a better functioning medical records system. First of all, they are aiming to place medical records back into the hands of patients, assuring that the patient will have complete control over who has access to the information.

The data will be completely secure and fraud highly unlikely on the blockchain. MED currency will encourage users to continue growing the ecosystem. Another feature will be the ability to deliver completely up to date information in real time, allowing for medical providers to have current and updated records and all available records which will provide capable and exhaustive medical service and diagnosis. The blockchain protocol will also, obviously, offer security.

Created by a team of medical professionals and developers, MediBloc hopes to prioritize privacy and get medical files back into the hands of patients. Storing medical files in a decentralized market assures their security while allowing them to be easily accessible when required. The team believes this will also allow medical professionals better and more reliable access to medical information, which in turn will allow them to deliver the best medical care possible to their patients.

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