What is Lampix (PIX)?

What is Lampix (PIX)?

Lampix is an augmented reality platform. It transforms any surface into an interactive screen. It consists of a projector, camera, and cloud-based computer. It utilizes computer vision and machine learning. The camera system recognizes objects and the hand. It can be used for office presentations and playing games. This platform is linked to an utility token called PIX tokens. PIX tokens can be used to buy data, lampix devices, lampix apps, and cloud computing services. Users are awarded PIX tokens for mining pictures, voting, developing Lampix apps, and sharing news.

PIX Token Trading Information

PIX tokens are traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges including Bit-Z, HitBTC, CoinExchange, COSS, and IDEX. PIX tokens are paired with BTC and ETH tokens. PIX has a market capitalization of $1.7 million. Daily trading volume exceeds $13,700. The circulating supply is 135,322,017 PIX. The total supply is 327,154,880 PIX. The maximum supply is 657,154,880 PIX.

Initial Coin Offering

The crowdsale was held in August 2017. 1.1 billion PIX tokens were created. 50% of the tokens were sold during the ICO. Their goal was to raise $60 million. 30% of the tokens are reserved for later use. 20% of tokens are designated for the team. The funds from the token sale will be used to cover the following expenses:

the cost of Lampix database; staff salaries; sales and marketing expenses; hardware manufacturing costs; app development costs

The funds from the ICO will be used to pay project expenses until the company makes a profit. This is expected to occur in 2021. The value of 1 PIX token during the ICO was 0.12 USD.

The Genius of Lampix

Lampix is building a database of a billion pictures/descriptions. The PIX ecosystem is the first blockchain-based image mining network. It is designed for augmented reality systems and computer vision systems. The goal is to train systems for detection, classification, and segmentation. It will be autonomous and fully automated.

Lampix provides several examples of how their technology will be used. During meetings, a paper document can be shared remotely and notes can be displayed on the surface instantly. Changes can be transferred to the digital document. This includes markups. Voting can take place on a table. Each member can place their vote on the surface. The result of the election will be displayed afterward.

Games can be played on a surface. Tic-tac-toe is the most popular projection-based game. Chess can also be played on this surface. Documents can be scanned easily on a surface. The file will be stored online. The desk surface can be used as a pin board. Information can be pinned to images and stored. The system will recognize business cards and project LinkedIn profiles. Emails can be automatically sent as well.

Lampix can display notifications. This includes mobile notifications and desktop notifications. Retail products can be displayed with stories, instruction guides, product information, and content sharing via social media websites. Recommendation software can ask questions and display surveys. After answering the questions, Lampix will display products or services that match the results.

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