What is GCRCoin (GCR)?

What is GCRCoin (GCR)? Crypto Beginner’s Guide

GCRCoin (Global Currency Reserve) is a newly circulated cryptocurrency for anyone that wants the possibility to take part in the benefits of using digital money in a simple way or with an additional value.

In this system, all transactions are managed as well as verified using the user network. Because of this, there is a possibility of gaining the additional advantage due to the network using the Proof of Stake verification process for all payments. The system will reward anyone who has purchased new coins simply for having them in their wallet when sending payments or going through verification.


Some of the advantages of this platform are:

  • It is easy to use already existing accounts and wallets
  • There is a speedy transaction time with no limits
  • The expenses for all transactions are reduced
  • Everything is confidential and secret
  • Value free from depreciation and Government intervention.
  • Possible to get a reevaluation of coins

The systems

This platform creates a unique way to have your own cryptocurrency called GCRCoins. These coins are the same as all other currencies on the market but tend not to be used as much as the rest. These coins can be used for many diverse reasons, such as sending money to other users or needing transfers to go through instantly. You are also not charged for transactions that typically cost money at other institutions. Every purchase is backed by protection that allows safe and irreversible payments.

There are also rewards given for those who choose to keep their coins in their wallets. This reward will give all users an interest award annually amounting to 5%.

How the System Works

If you are currently business owner who holds a lot of products or services, then using this system can help optimize your profits by expanding to cryptocurrency users. This system was created with the intentions of offering easy and safe transactions to all users.

Payments made though this system cannot be returned since they are impossible to falsify. All payments will be received immediately to all parties involved. All transactions fees are only paid by the person who is sending the payment, and even then, the fee is not much. There are only a few coins used in every transaction. This attracts new users to join the network everyday since the transactions are speedy and great for those looking for low costs.


This system does not use a large-scale mining platform since it can be used on mobile phones and run on casual computer systems worldwide. This is one of the most energy efficient currency platforms currently available. This is all due to using the Proof of Stake system to process transactions on the system.

There are no other GCRCoins being created at the moment, so only the 5% existing users are holding these coins right now. The network is very safe and secure from attacks unlike other digital currencies that utilize more large mining platform systems. The Proof of Stake system is a great way to keep the system secure and make sure it stays decentralized.

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