What is Galactrum (ORE)

What is Galactrum (ORE)

While the cryptocurrency market is not always stable, it still maintains itself as a good investment opportunity, especially for those who participate in mining. With new altcoins being introduced to the market consistently, there seems to always be an opportunity to mine new currencies which can either offer decent trade options, a useful platform, or interest opportunities that make the coin worth holding onto. One of the most popular options of altcoin to mine currently is Galactrum (ORE).


As one of the more popular mining options right now, Galactrum is perfect for those looking to mine with a NVIDIA GPU. As of April 2018, a 6×1070 could produce about $15 and a 6×1080 could double that amount. Galactrum also offers additional features that might make a good currency not just to mine but also hold onto.


Beginning as a fork from the Dash platform, ORE is an anonymous digital currency that offers self-funding and self-governance. It is a cryptocurrency that features the growing in popularity option of Masternodes, which offer instant and completely anonymous transactions as well as further decentralization options.

Galactrum is a community driven currency open to members to be able to propose improvements and vote on the future of the cryptocurrency. The system sets aside a part of every block for improvement projects and encourages the community to be a part of the cryptocurrency’s future so that it can continue to grow.


As a community driven cryptocurrency, voting is very important to the system. Galactrum offers a transparent proposal and voting system. Proposals can be submitted accompanied with a small ORE fee, and all proposals are expected to be professionally organized and presented. Allowing transparency on the platform as well as voting on the blockchain helps to keep the currency democratic and protects it from censorship threats.

Part of the reason voting has been implemented is so that non-advanced users can still have a voice in the community. The Galactrum Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is not exactly accessible to the average user, who may have little or no experience in programming or advanced blockchain technology. Thus, voting gives the average user continued involvement in the future of the cryptocurrency.

The voting platform will also offer assistance to users submitting proposals by supplying guidance in properly formatting and distributing their completed ideas. The platform will offer not only a space for distribution, but also a community where proposals can be discussed and debated.


As with many cryptocurrencies, ORE is a minable currency for those participating in the network. Galactrum functions on a Proof-of-Work algorithm, but it is designed to be resistant to pool mining and custom mining hardware, assuring that mining can remain well distributed. Masternodes will also be rewarded with ORE for their participation to the ecosystem.

Galactrum will be able to stand out in the cryptocurrency market through its community driven ideals and opportunities and the excellent features offered by the use of Masternodes.

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