What is Dentacoin (DCN)

What is Dentacoin (DCN)? Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Dentacoin is a blockchain designed specifically for the dental industry. The goal is to make dentistry more affordable by using community contributions. Users are rewarded with DCN tokens. It is based on a decentralized smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts between patients and dentists are funded with DCN tokens. This eliminates the need for insurance. Dentists benefit financially if their patients are successful in the long-term with their dental health.

Better Reviews Rewarded with Crypto

Dentacoin offers a trusted review platform. Dentists can publish patient reviews and create market research value on this platform. After reviews are posted on the blockchain, they can’t be altered. The platform offers permanent data storage. Patients can decide which dentists to select based on the reviews. The website rewards reviewers and market surveyors with Dentacoin. This incentive structure affects dental treatments for the better.

The Dentacoin blockchain has a healthcare database. Medical records can be stored securely, and sharing is allowed between dentists and patients when permissions are granted.

A Mobile App and Opinion Platform Designed to Improve Dental Hygiene

There’s a mobile app that includes a 3-month incentivized gaming program that rewards patients for maintaining proper dental health (brushing techniques, appointment reminders, nutritional guidance). The app features a call button the connects the patient to a dentist.  

There’s also an opinion platform (DentaVox). This rewards users when they provide feedback on dental topics. It is designed for manufacturers, suppliers, and dentists. The DentaVox questionnaire (up to 100 questions) covers health care topics. Rewards are given to participants. The amount of DCN awarded is based on the users’ efforts, which is detected by smart mechanisms. The statistics from the questionnaires are open to all users.

Smart Contracts and Trading Platforms

Smart contracts are tradable on this type of blockchain. If obligations are fulfilled, rewards are given to dentists and patients. To plan for unforeseen events, ‘super smart contracts’ are available for patients. These types of contracts take into account the death of the dentist or their practice is closed.

There’s a trading platform as well. Dentists can trade dental supplies and equipment. By using this platform, the supply chain is reduced and tariffs are avoided. Unstable exchange rates are avoided as well.  

Dentacoin Transactions

DCN tokens can be sent to any Ethereum-based wallet. The sender and recipient can view the transaction on a ledger. The account balances are visible as well. There is total transparency in this type of transaction.

The largest transaction on this blockchain was completed by the founders. The Dentacoin Foundation bought a dental clinic in London with $90 million worth of DCN tokens.

The maximum supply of DCN is 8 trillion tokens. The total supply is 1.96 trillion DCN. The circulating supply is 325 billion DCN. It has a market capitalization of $203.7 million. The daily volume is about $134,700. DCN is traded on several exchanges including HitBTC, CoinExchange, and CoinFalcon.

Dentacoin can be stored in any Ethereum-based wallet. DCN is an ERC-20 token. It is compatible with MetaMask, Coinomi, and Trezor.

Dentacoins can be purchased with a credit card or debit card. DCN can be exchanged with more than 100 altcoins. 1 USD = 1,267 DCN.

The Dentacoin Team

  • Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev – Founder of Dentacoin Foundation
  • Philipp Grenzebach – Co-Founder
  • Jeremias Grenzebach – Co-Founder

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