What is Commodity Ad Network (CDX)

What is Commodity Ad Network (CDX) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The modern media and many social platforms have created a real mess for themselves. From de-funding various social groups to complete and total misinformation, what we once thought was truth has only turned out to be a trick out of Goebbels’s propaganda playbook.

Many social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr and other oligarchic media outlets have tainted the whole meaning of freedom of speech. With their biased politics to divisive tactics, everyone has felt the burn of these domineering structures.

Sadly, much of society has become addicted to using many social media sites for one reason or another. Seeing these violator of freedom of speech disappear can only be but a mere wish. While some people have wised up to the reality of verifying everything they hear or read by the modern news outlets, there is still the rest of society who choose to remain blissfully unaware.

Many social network groups, projects, and alternative content creators have been banned regardless of it being justified or not. Many have protested the outright bias these businesses have been using for years while they control the mass media and influx of information. This definitely isn’t fair let alone morally right.

So what can people do in the modern age where rights are but a figment of our dying dreams? How can we hope to change the way information is distributed? How can we make sure that freedom of speech and all that it entails is upheld? How can we assure others of a full truth to any given situation, scenario, or problem without the fear of being de-funded, banned, or dissolved?

There are many solutions to all of these sorts of questions. But one solution has definitely managed to present itself in the most unconventional of ways. For all the hope that cryptocurrency gives us in an oppressive world, it is no surprise that someone with the mind and guts would solve this problem.

Commodity Ad Network: Giving The People of the World a Platform to Speak the Truth

The developers of Commodity Ad Network are a team out of Hong Kong. They made it their mission to provide people with a platform that would allow for many advertisement and content-related possibilities. The platform gives alternative content creators, advertisers, and users access to a variety of information and a safe network to conduct business without the fear of being banned.

Many social media platforms often use their terms of service agreements as a way to silence opposing opinions, alternative media, advertisements, and other forms of free speech. Sadly, these violations go unchecked which has resulted in a mass amount of fake news being passed off as truth.

How Does Commodity Ad Network Work?

Commodity Ad Network is a decentralized platform that operates its services through altcoins. Their CDX coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. This makes it a private and secure platform for free thinkers. The platform holds anonymity as a major value and they don’t collect, sell or store any data from their users.

The platform hopes to give benefits to each type of user on the platform. Advertisers would get a supply of consumers that suit their specific niche, use a bidding system and use a CPM model while only paying a small flat-rate fee.

Content creators get a signing bonus, a binding contract that gives them a minimum monthly revenue, they earn at least 50 percent of all incoming ad revenue and more.

For users of the platform, they will only have their customer information used for advertisement-related purposes and get a few other perks like blocked intrusive ads, ads with sound, and so on.

Final Thoughts

The Commodity Ad Network platform has a very genuine goal and operates with freedom in mind. This platform is definitely worth trying for anything who is an advertiser, content creator or a simple internet user.

Commodity Ad Network Animated Explainer Video from Commodity Ad Network on Vimeo.

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