What is Breakout (BRK)?

What is Breakout (BRK)?

Breakout is a payment system that supports many currencies, including cryptocurrencies. It is considered a multicurrency system. The properties of each currency affect how each currency is used. There are three main tokens and two supporting tokens:

  • Breakout Coin (BRK)
  • Breakout Stake (BRX)
  • Sister Coin (SIS)
  • Atomic (BAM)
  • The Deck (D)

7 million BRK tokens are available in reserve. These tokens are lent to vendors; they can be used as award points or incentives. Breakout uses Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake mechanisms. It is a hybrid blockchain platform. The BRK token is designed for PoS. The SIS token is designed for PoW.

More BRK tokens may be created in the future at a rate of 5% per year. 2.2 million BRK tokens were destroyed after the ICO.

BRK Trading Information

BRK tokens are traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges including Bittrex and LiteBit.eu. BRK tokens are paired with BTC and EUR tokens. BRK has a market capitalization of $1.57 million. Daily trading volume exceeds $7,600. The circulating supply is 18,949,258 BRK.

Other Currencies

6.27 million BRX tokens were created. Holders of BRX have the right to verify transactions with wallet software. 6.2 million BRX tokens were destroyed after the ICO.

  • The maximum supply of SIS tokens is 21 million.
  • The total supply of BAM tokens is 10 billion.
  • The total supply of D tokens is 53.

A Platform Full of Fees

Breakout coins have eight decimal places. The sender has to pay a small fee for the transaction. It is collected by individuals that certify transactions for the network. These individuals also run open-source software for the network. In exchange for these tasks, they receive transaction fees and other rewards. Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can participate in supporting the network and collect fees and rewards.  

PoW fees are available for miners. This is separate from PoS fees. The PoW and PoS difficulty adjustments are made by the Breakout Gravity Wave algorithm. It’s an extremely difficult blockchain to attack. Hackers would need 51% of hashes and 51% Breakout Stake.
Rewards and Fees for Currencies

  • The BRK token generation reward is 20 BRK tokens per block. The minimum transaction fee is 0.01 BRK.
  • The BRX token generation reward is 20 BRK per block. The minimum transaction fee is 0.01 BRX.
  • The PoW reward for SIS tokens is 50 SIS tokens. Every 420,000 blocks, the block reward halves. The minimum transaction fee is 0.01 SIS.
  • The minimum transaction fee for BAM transactions is 1 BAM token.
  • The minimum transaction fee for D transactions is 0.01 SIS.

Advantages of Breakout

This platform is used to send money anywhere. It utilizes a decentralized ledger to record transactions. The ledger is transparent; anyone can audit it. It has safeguards that prevent unauthorized spending or double spending. This payment system includes very small transaction fees. Lots of new technologies are included in the Breakout platform including atomic currencies, delegated fees, fee scavenging, and immalleable transactions.

Atomic currencies are indivisible beyond whole units. Delegated fees are fees for sending currencies; it is paid with SIS tokens. Fee scavenging involves collecting fees for transactions indirectly. Immalleable transactions are transactions with permanent IDs; they can’t be changed without invalidating the transaction.

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