‘We Are All In Unchartered Waters’ Is What One Blockchain Co-Founder Advises

Meet Daniel Bar – the chairman and co-founder of a blockchain community named Bitfwd and the co-founder of Tenzorum Project, which is a startup that aims to use key management protocols in order to ensure safe personalized access to blockchain technologies.

Aside from this, Daniel is also a mentor at Blockchain Centre Vilnius. According to him, Tenzorum was build in order to allow users of crypto assets to stop relying on their counterparties when securing that their keys. He is also confident that community-driven blockathons are better than corporate-driven ones and that countries like Singapore are taking over the world’s economy and becoming global hotspots for the crypto industry.

Community-Driven Blockathons Spark More Creativity And Give An Organic Outcome

When asked about Bitfwd (his company) and the blockathons organized, Bar says that they are open to all ideas – from blockathons to workshops, developer sessions, content publishing and open source codebases through community initiatives – and practicing all of the mentioned examples. His company, Bitfwd, is already working with numerous academics, developers, designers, business people and anyone else who is genuinely interested in blockchain and decentralization technology.

Basically, Bar’s blockathons are community-driven rather than corporate-driven, which is why he accents that value so much. According to him, the lack of a corporate agenda is what makes the Bitfwd community-driven blockathons more creative, open and relaxed.

“This structure always leads to a more organic outcome” is what Bar is confident in. “Even with the sponsors we secure for our blockathons, we make it clear to them that they are free to join in, but not dominate the agenda. This is how we strive to preserve the decentralised philosophy, which is at the very core of this technology, in our blockchain activities.”

Bitfwd currently has a network of blockchain developers communities that is spread between different continents including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China – but is also considering partnering up with communities in Minsk, Belarus.

More Countries Are Opening Up To Blockchain Startups And Organizations

Speaking of, Daniel Bar has said that Belarus is on his list primarily because of blockchain. In this country, the decree that entered in force this month could make it an attractive location for blockchain projects and startups, which is how according to him, certain countries attract this type of organizations.

Singapore, where Bar is located right now, is the perfect example of an innovative and advanced country – with some of the hottest spots in the world for blockchain tech. From its financial to its tech environment, the country has a lot of activity on the investors scene and the developers community is also very strong.

Aside from Bitfwd, Bar is working on Tenzorum, which is his latest project that will likely result in a new kind of product that is a combination of an application layer, has social interactions features and a collection of protocols. Tenzorum brings the capability of a secure access (when you lose your keys) and is an inter-network network which focuses on storage and recovery. As he explains, it is a very ambitious project that is currently being bootstrapped and prepared.

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