Top Ten Cryptocurrency YouTubers

If you find yourself following, investing, or trading cryptocurrencies, you no doubt run into YouTube once in a while to find updates on what is going on in the world of digital currency.

While the jargon and industry terms are hard to understand sometimes,  video explanations have become a staple for anyone riding the wave and trying to understand just how this ecosystem works.

Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff you’ll see and hear online these days is pure garbage.  There are many scammers out there that are simply pushing you to invest in ponzi schemes and worthless coins so they can earn revenues if you end up signing up.

We can point to the downfall of sites like Bitconnect back in 2017, which had a tribe of people promoting the site earning hefty affiliate commissions.  Many people lost money in this very sad ponzi scheme.

This isn’t to say that all of the information you’ll find on YouTube is bad, but you’ll also find many looking for their claim to fame by picking coins that will “provide huge returns” – only to swing and miss.  Don’t fall for anyone’s advice who says “you’ll make millions off this trade.”

There is zero regulation in this market place, unlike the stock market in the United States.  Many people who simply have a voice, some editing software, and a platform are claiming to be experts.  There is zero training behind this, it’s almost akin to being a sports prognosticator.

Today we’re here to show you who is legit, worth listening to, and checking out.

Disclaimer:  We don’t endorse or recommend anyone here.

#10:  In It For the Money

This is operated by a Danish man named Asger.  He’s very straightforward, easy to listen to, and has a track record.

Official YouTube Channel

#9:  DJ Naydee

He’s entertaining, has flashy videos, and breaks terminology down into terms you can understand.

Official YouTube Channel

#8:  The Cryptoniac

Reviews ICO’s and weighs in with his own opinions.

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#7:  The Modern Investor

Often posts two videos per day covering all aspects of the industry, including mining and regulation.

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#6:  Data Dash

This channel has it all.  Investing tips, interviews, and coins to watch.

Official YouTube Channel

#5:  Young and Investing

A younger spin on the investment approach, run by a man named Quentin.  This is a fresh approach that we enjoyed because it accurately called BitConnect and other sites SCAMS.  (Not all exchanges can be as reputable as Coinbase.)  There are also tips on “coins of the month.”  A must watch channel.

Official YouTube Channel

#4:  BTC Business Consult

Based in Austria, the focus of this channel is coins that have dividends and other payouts.  Very interesting content.

Official YouTube Channel

#3:  HyperChange TV

This guy is extremely unique because he looks at the longview of investing in digital currencies.

Official YouTube Channel

#2:  Crypto Gurus

English business majors who primarily focus on the ICO Market.

Official YouTube Channel

#1:  The Crypto Lark

An American who resides in New Zealand, there are few people who have the passion Lark does when he reports about cryptocurrencies.  You’ll find he is extremely knowledgeable and isn’t afraid to break things down, no matter how complex they are.

Official YouTube Channel

Until our official channel is launched, these are the best ones to follow!

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