TokenPay l FB livestream with Derek Capo 03/01/2018

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Derek: Hello everyone. Starting up a little bit early. You can write in the comment section say hello. We’ll start in a couple of minutes. My phone [unintelligible 00:00:42] because I actually get a lot of messages. We get hundreds of messages. Hello, Salim. Thanks a lot for joining us, appreciate it. Thanks, Pascal. What’s up, Joe? To the moon, thank you. I don’t know how to say your Korean name. I’ll address a lot of those questions. I’ll have a few things I want to go over and then we’ll go over to open Q&A. Good evening [unintelligible 00:01:36] thanks a lot for joining us. Nicholas, from London. Hello, what’s up. Manisha Patil, thanks a lot, hey. Hello from Vancouver. Love that place, really nice. I’ve got some artwork from Vancouver actually. Paloma, hi. Hello [unintelligible 00:02:02]. I’ll address that. We’ve mentioned a bunch of times. Hey, Gustav from South Africa. I need to go over there, haven’t been. Yoyo Kyle, what’s up. [unintelligible 00:02:21]. Hey, Marvin. Hey, Nick. Hello, Shafiq. Hey, Kenneth from Ireland. What’s up, Christophe? Fantastic, we’ll get started in a few minutes actually, just give us some more time. Racking up a hundred and something people, I wonder if we can break our record. I think we’ve had about 250 to 300 last time. All right, Christophe, for sure I’d love to go to South Africa. Hello from Poland. Hey, Patrick. [unintelligible 00:03:03] come on. [laughs] Hey, what’s up, Matt? We may go to London soon so definitely hit up a pub and go and talk a bit. Hey, Kumar, how’s it going? When moon, first live online I want to hear. What’s up, Joshua? What’s up? All right, Kevin, how are you doing? Hey, Mattias. Hey, Simon. Thanks for not liking the fact that I don’t like suits. The last time I wore a suit for work was actually when I worked for a brokerage firm and now I guess we’re trying to figure out how to destroy them some way not really. I personally like this whole thing, we actually have new hoodies and new shirts that we had a Romanian designer do for us. It’s actually pretty cool and been sharing it with the community. We’ll be selling all of this stuff soon. We’d like to have an actual store where we’ll have a merchant services platform to be able to sell some of this clothes and a couple of other stuff that we have.

All right, we’ll just get started. I’ve given a couple of minutes for people to join in. Here’s what we’re going to do, I’m going to go over some questions and some updates on my side, probably take me about 10 to 15 minutes or so. I’ll try to speak slowly, I’m actually a naturally fast speaker. Then from there, I’ll open up to Q&A. Here’s what we’ve done in regards to coin distribution, we’ve got a 100% completed for the people that have submitted their wallet addresses. Now we have a few percentage of people, it’s probably less than 1% of people that have actually had some issues with declines and referral issues and we’re taking care of those bit by bit. Once you submit to customer support, we’ll be able to help you out. However, there are many ways to contact us and I’d like to let you all know that there are many ways to contact us which is Telegram is one way, I’m available on Facebook Messenger, it’s just I’m pretty limited because I keep on focusing on distribution and making sure that we get that done as soon as possible. My motivation is to get this all finished and over with so I can go and focus on a lot more on the business side. Time management is extremely important when it comes to running an actual business. I want to let you guys know that we do know that there are some issues and we’re happy to fix those as soon as we can, okay? Now, we still have over 4,000 people that have not submitted their TokenPay wallet addresses, that’s actually down from about 4,900. We’re getting about a few hundred a day that I’ve actually submitted their TokenPay wallet addresses. If you still have not, keep in mind that it’s very easy to do. If you go to our website and go to the tutorial section, you’ll be able to download our software or look at a video of how to actually use it from the desktop. We highly recommend that you use the desktop version. Number one, it’s up. It’s always been up from day one. Number two, you’re able to participate in the staking rewards.

Something that a lot of people don’t understand is the proof of stake and what that technology is, it’s basically an incentive system to basically use your network or use your computer so that you can be part of the decentralized network. We do not have that available for mobile right now so that’s why Android’s been down. We’ve been modifying a few things because it’s such a new technology to be able to use with proof of stake as well as some of the adjustments we have made. We highly recommend that when you see the android up, move your coins over to the desktop wallet, that way you’re able to participate in the staking rewards. Again, the way it works is if you have a 100 coins, if you’re using your computer 24/7, by the end of the year you’ll get a few coins as compensation for using your network or using your computer’s resources. Some people will get them daily. Now, staking a little bit of a tangent, staking and the actual reward itself is not based on only about how many coins you have, it’s actually based on a lot of random things. Staking network weight, how much coins you have and persistence like how often are you online and helping out the network. There’s a lot of different factors that actually improve whether you get more rewards or fast rewards than others. Obviously, the best situation is to have the most amount of coins it is 24/7 running, that’s what you want to be or that’s the kind of situation [inaudible 00:07:34] but it does not mean that you cannot participate and not receive the rewards. [inaudible 00:07:41] The 4,000 people that have not submitted, please try to submit the desktop wallet, that’s what we highly recommend that we can participate in the staking rewards. At the current rate, just seeing how many people are submitting their wallet addresses which is about a few hundred a day, we will be able to finish the coin distribution for those people some time by mid-March. Just doing some math here you’ve got 4,000 something, a few hundred a day so it takes time obviously to send those because we have to send those manually versus before we would send them in batches. Keep on trying to submit the wallet addresses. Again, if there’s any issues that you have, please contact us. Again, on Telegram we have a fantastic adamant support. Shout out to Danny and some of the guys there. Arc, there’s a ton of guys out there, [unintelligible 00:08:27] a ton of guys out there that have been helping on, who’ve been fanatical and helping us out too to provide as best as a customer experience that we can provide.

Business updates is the most exciting part for me. This is really what I truly, truly care about is what the business is doing and how well it’s going to do. We have formed two entities so far. The first entity that we have formed is in Costa Rica, it’s going to be called TP Technologies. Why did we form a company in Costa Rica? Number one, there’s actually a lot of really good developers in Costa Rica. There’s a lot of online gaming casinos that actually operate in Costa Rica and so those developers are actually very interested in blockchain based products and services. Given we’re going into merchant services, there’s actually a lot of good developers that we can recruit from that area. It’s also much lower cost. At the end of the day, we have to consider that we are a lean company. Right now I’m working from home, I will actually move into an office soon but we’re very lean and that’s just the way we like to operate. No reason to spend on money on stupid things or things that are unnecessary. It does not mean, however, that just because we have an entity in Costa Rica does not mean that we will not limit ourselves from hiring talent from all over the world. We will continue to hire from places in Romania, could be India, it could be all over the world, could be China. There’s a lot of opportunities in people that we would like to hire. Talent is extremely important and there’s always a finite resources of that type of need for our business. I don’t restrict it but eventually, we’re going to have a larger operation in Costa Rica. The second corporation that we form is in Switzerland. That one is specifically meant to help us convert some of our Bitcoin to cash or euros or Swiss francs, whatever is actually convenient for us. That’s important for us so that we can purchase things that we can acquire, we can pay stuff from that account. This is just more financial. Let’s say, for example, we want to purchase the bank, whether it’s the piece of the bank, the whole bank or from the bank or whatever it is, we can use that account to actually send money over there. It took us a lot to finalize all of this but we were actually able to do it and I’m really, really excited about that. Probably visit Switzerland in that area pretty often. We have obviously a lot of opportunities there, especially in the canton of Zug, where there’s a lot of start-ups out there that are actually doing a lot of amazing things with cryptocurrency. We’re probably going to go to a lot of places in Europe, actually. It’s not just limited to one area, the whole world, really. That’s it for the business of this on the corporation side. We did two events so we’re actually went to two places. The first place we went to was Japan, when our first meeting was fantastic. We had, I think, about 75 to 100 people at the event and it was fantastic meeting everybody. Of course, everybody was waiting for the coins and many, many people asked, “When exchange? When exchange?” Again, we commented many times about this. TokenPay easy utility token and we cannot comment about exchanges. I really have to stand by that. It’s just more of a legal thing that I have to say and it’s just important that I continue to mention this. People keep on asking and I just cannot. This is our stance as a company and we have to stick to that. The second place that we actually went to was Switzerland. The whole [unintelligible 00:11:52] Switzerland was to actually go and start talking to bankers and seeing how we can work with partnerships and we actually found a fantastic partner and we’re looking forward to all the developments that we can do there. Those are the two actual places that we visited. Then, sorry, my mistake. The third place, I didn’t visit but my patrols must go actually visited our strategy adviser was Amsterdam and that was to meet our Telegram admin and some of the people that have actually purchased our coin and just give them a few t-shirts and spend some time with them to thank them. Really thank them for everything. From all of the stuff, this has been a very exciting time and it’s been definitely not an easy time sometimes. We’ve got three months or four months of just stuff that we’ve had to deal with. We’ve admitted our mistakes and we’ve tried working really hard to correct that and the admin team has been able to help us out. Like I mentioned before, we have 15 to 20 people on customer support, helping us all the time. I don’t stop working. I literally work 18 hours a day, weekends. It is what it is. I just work non-stop and I think a lot of the people on our team have worked non-stop and I’m really appreciative of everything they have done. On the business side, what else have we done? We have signed an LOI to acquire a bank in Germany. It’s actually about the Munich area. Keep in mind that an LOI does not constitute a full purchase or that it’s going to happen. An LOI means that there’s a letter of interest meaning, we have an intention to acquire you as soon as all legal and all things are actually done and clear. Right now, our legal team is actually working with the owner of the bank to make sure that everything is being clear, that we can actually go and pursue the acquisition. If it happens then great, we can actually have a pretty quick close. If it does not happen, that’s okay, we have other options. I think that it is extremely important to understand that we are an agile team. We’re always looking for plan A, plan B, plan C, plan D, plan E because at the end of the day, you have to. You have to in business and you have to in life. If you do not, then you don’t want to be stuck in a corner where you’re forced to make a decision. That’s actually the worst thing that you want to do. The other thing is the merchant services. Right now, what we’ve decided is we’re planning on either acquiring an existing merchant services platform or partnering or what label with an existing one when actually fixing up from there. It’s just faster for us to do some of these offers right now. We have three offers right now that on the table, whether it’s acquire existing code or at an actual platform. It’s actually faster for us but at the same time, it’s something that we know that’s been proven, that’s been fast. It’ll very effective for us to just work on and fix up and improve to make sure the quality that I expect. That’s pretty much it on the update on the business side. Let’s see. I think that’s it. What I’m going to do is open it up to questions. I know that there are a lot of questions. Let’s see. Okay, Hold on. Not able to screw up with some of these questions. Shannon, thanks a lot. Let’s see. Crypto Valley is actually where Sean Davis, yes, Crypto Valley is where Zug, Switzerland is. Pascal, yes, we can actually meet in Zug, Switzerland. We’re planning on being there on April. I see where I can get more questions here. Not sure what’s going on. Can’t look at all the comments. Wait a second. I used to see them all fast. Joey, I see this question now I don’t know why I can’t see them rolling like I used to. I’m on a desktop. Let’s talk about, did you approve of Telegram I’m asking his escrow for it? No, I do not approve that and we actually stop that. Really sorry I don’t know how that happened but that wasn’t supposed to happen and we actually stopped it as soon as we got wind of it. We just stopped it. When will the Mac wallet be updated? Steph, I’ve actually seen no problems with the actual wallet myself. I have a Mac, myself, and I haven’t had any problems. I know some people have had problems and usually, it’s because of [inaudible 00:17:28] and basically with defenders or anything like that trying to block any of the issues with Mac. You can try to see our videos. There’s been a few videos that’s actually helped out in regards to syncing issues and stuff like that. However, if you have a report that you can send us. Please send it to and I will look at the report to see what the issue is. I have a Mac, I have a High Sierra which is the latest version and have not had a single problem with it. I’ve also tried through virtualization tools like VMware and stuff to the other versions or other versions of the software and I haven’t really had a problem. Let’s go one back, I just mentioned the stuff about the bank. We hope to be able to do it pretty quickly. However, cannot predict any of these stuff. This is dealing with regulators and governments and it’s not– Sometimes business people can make decisions quickly but when it comes to banks and regulators, they take their time and that’s part of the process, we have to respect that. Can you talk a little bit about the staking, please? I could get one of the unaccepted stake with the message generated but not accepted. It’s very rare, actually. Joey, in regards to actual staking. What ends up happening is you can generate an actual stake but because you have already met the criteria of receiving a certain percentage more or less throughout the entire year, you’re not entitled to it. You may have generated it, you may have been given it but because of not meeting the requirements, you are not officially awarded with that stake. That’s extremely important to understand or try to work on scene so that it doesn’t show off on you wallets. That way it’s a little bit easier to understand but that’s essentially why that’s occurring. I get it myself, I tested it a few times before we launched, we tested the scene and I saw generated but not mines. I am very well aware of everything that goes on with all of these stuff with that technology. Again, for some reason, I can’t see more questions. We’re trying to see if I can get more. I’m going to go my mobile phone to see if I can get these questions better because for some weird reason on my desktop it’s not working. I’m seeing his questions but they’re coming up slowly. Mac has been not been an issue. Yes, everybody wants to know exchanges and like explicitly said about many times and I really don’t feel like repeating myself 50,000 times.

When you’re going to buy a t-shirt and a hoodie I’d like to have a store pretty soon, the most important thing is actually merchant services. Once we have the merchant services, then we will have our store. It’s our showcase and that store will only accept TPAY, that’s the intention only accept TPAY and then we’ll worry about the actual conversions and stuff like that to the actual to the actual dollars.

Okay, so see this is weird. It’s 556 comments but I’ve only seen 300 here. Gustav mentioned that do you think TPAY will overtake Monero in the long term seeing that our technology is superior? Yes, I don’t know, Monero has a very, very strong following so it’s very hard to beat that. I think our following is actually pretty good, however, given the background and the history of Monero, it’s not something that I personally want to be tied to.

However, I do think that we can be pretty popular in regards to usage that is actually why we wanted to do the whole merchant services platform because we believe that if you have businesses and consumers that are interested and using Tokenpay for everyday things then it’s actually very useful. Now, why is it that you have companies like Square or others not using Bitcoin?

It’s not that they don’t like crypto, it’s that it’s extremely expensive and unpredictable to be able to determine a price. For us, we have no fees, there are no mining pools. We’re not centralized. Bitcoin is centralized, the mining pools in Russia, China and even parts of the US that actually controlled fees. When we were doing transactions and even refunds in number, we were paying, no joke, one minute would be like $2, which is high and then the other minute would be $27.

We spent tens of thousands of dollars just refunding people in America and that was unsustainable. At that time, it was hard to pass off that cost to our consumer. For example, if you want to buy a cup of coffee for $5, why would you pay $27 in transaction fees? There’s other companies and merchants that are trying to have like pools some of these transactions so they’re actually cheaper. They get one transaction at 29 and break it up into like a thousand or whatever it is but it’s just so unsustainable.

Right now, you do transactions on Bitcoin and it’s about 16 cents, 15 cents. Yes, $3 for a cup of coffee that’s still almost 5% to 6% that’s though unsustainable especially for margins like that. You have to consider all of these things but for us, Tokenpay, because we’re a proof of stake system, the actual fee is 0.001 and it’s TPAY fee. That fee actually goes right back into the pool of proof of stake rewards which means that’s what keeps the perpetuation of the actual blockchain that way never runs out or anything like that.

[inaudible 00:24:03] to understand this technology and why it’s different from [inaudible 00:24:07] it’s extremely fast. They were running about 45 seconds blocks right now, it could be longer. We’ve had some issues in regards to speed and stuff like that and to make it actually faster but we want to make sure that all that stuff is covered because we have some orphan blocks so we had to fix. At the end of the day, this is the difference between Bitcoin and us.

In regards to Monero, they’re proof of work still mine. They could still jack up prices whenever they want and that’s why people are slowly trying to think about going to proof of stake just like a theorem has done. Okay. Can you tell us more about the partnership [inaudible 00:24:52] that a little bit more. Obviously, we work very closely with [unintelligible 00:24:58] actually the visor or Verge.

We think there’s a lot of synergies that we can do together and I think that one the appropriate time is available, we’ll make an announcement. In fact, I think we’ll make some type of announcement within two weeks to a month. There’s a lot of opportunities and you know what not just verge, I think there’s opportunities with others as well. We see some that we really, really like and we think that we can partner with them in different types of fields. There’s a lot of opportunities, a lot of opportunities and we’re always open to talking to different entities and different developers or different blockchain projects out there.

Okay, I’m sorry for looking at the questions here but this makes a little bit faster. Buying t-shirts with TPAY is the same as buying pizza with Bitcoin? Yes, hopefully if TPAY gets the same price as Bitcoin. This is a very good question, Joshua, actually, could you guys engineer a self-compatible cold storage wallet compatible for XVG and TPAYs? Absolutely.

Actually, there’s talks of us trying to work with some other blockchain projects out there where we can actually do a cold storage wallet. We thought about the other ones that are available now but then we noticed there was vulnerability with one of them. It just stinks because you really want to work with some of these and make sure that everything is all free and clear.

For us, absolutely, there’s definitely opportunities. It’s just one thing at a time. I do like 5,000 things all the time but [inaudible 00:26:37] at some point, you shouldn’t focus on fixing issues with the client, fixing on the referral, making sure a refund process has been finalized. Literally, we have maybe 100 something people that are still not been refunded in America and that’s not because we don’t want to refund because people have been unwilling to sign or forgot to sign the actual form. We cannot do refunds unless people sign those forms back to us. Joshua, fantastic question, very good question.

[unintelligible 00:27:07] in the stock Puerto Rico is actually Costa Rica. Puerto Rico people are actually going in there for tax purposes, however, does not mean that we may not go there ourselves. It’s definitely a growing community in the crypto space, but we have to look at what’s available for talent. Talent is extremely important moving an [unintelligible 00:27:27] just because of the location is not good enough it’s got to be about talent, always about talent.

All right. Sean, how’s the growth in Asia? We haven’t really started anything off in Asia. What we have been doing is talking to a lot of partners. Let me give you an example of some of those meetings I think I never really went into some of those meetings, went about seven or eight meetings or more. One of the meetings was with a Japanese company that’s got a few million members on their website and it is a point system company, which is in Japan point systems just like we have here are very popular, where people will have for example points in an airline I want to convert it to something else whether it’s a gift certificate or a massage or whatever it is.

There’s an opportunity for Token pay to be one of those providers as well. If you have airline miles, you can actually convert it to Tokenpay. The only problem is that what is the fixed price of token pay, et cetera, what is the price that they would have to work with us on that. We haven’t signed any deals yet, the other one was a CEO of a company of [unintelligible 00:28:46] webcam which was explaining to us the frustration of conducting business.

He doesn’t do anything illegal, not illegal in Japan, however, all of this financial infrastructure is reliant on Visa, MasterCard and some of these other companies. Every time they get a whiff of that with his business is or whatever it is and I’m pretty sure he’s explained to them exactly what the business is. They pull the plug on him so he looked at us as an opportunity for us to provide a solution for him.

There’s actually a lot of positivity there and he has networks to the other web sites in other parts of Japan and in Asia. For us, it’s an opportunity. It’s business. It’s legal. It’s not something that we condone. It’s not something that I would personally open a website like that but if it’s legitimate, it’s a legal business and those businesses pay taxes and all that and we’re all game to do that.

Just like anything we have to be cautious, we have to look at exactly all of the material, make sure that it’s all stuff that we approve. We do have, at the end day, values and an ethics and integrity that we like to uphold. I think that’s extremely important to maintain. Another thing that actually started happening was in the Philippines, we’re actually talking to a remittance business. It’s actually considering looking at crypto. There are a few companies in the Philippines, for example, one is called CoinsPH. Coins.PH was actually pretty popular in the Philippines where you can actually pay with Bitcoin your utility bills and stuff like that. That’s a huge opportunity. It’s a country with more than a hundred and something million people who are English speaking and get it. I can see people all over the Philippines that say, “Yes, TPAY me.”

There’s a lot of overseas workers that work in the States and other parts of the world that actually send money back and that’s where the real business is. There are a lot of opportunities and doors were open. Doors have been opening and that’s what’s really exciting about working at TokenPay. Keep on looking at questions here on my mobile. For some reason, I can’t see them on my desktop. I apologize.

[pause 00:30:56]

Derek Capo: Sorry, I’m still looking at the questions. A lot of repeated questions.

[pause 00:31:38]

Derek Capo: In regards to staking [unintelligible 00:31:50] there’s actually a lot of Youtube videos that have been created. You can actually ask in the Telegram group all of the videos that were actually created. I think we’ve created 20 and we’re going to release a new version of our desktop wallet. It’s just a different UX so it looks a little bit more TokenPay branded soon and then we’re going to have videos in about 10 to 15 languages done by people so that they can have a full, full overview of how to take advantage of all the features of our desktop wallet.

I mentioned before the Android service has been up and down. It’s just been inconsistent. We keep on fixing some bugs because it’s been relaying some orphaned blocks from the actual blockchain. However, when you do see it up, if you have coins there, I would suggest you move it to your desktop wallet as soon as possible. The most live thing that you can do, in other words, if you want to know something that’s happening real quick or want to get a live update, go to Telegram. We have over close to 14,000 people on that chat and if anything new happens or whatever, it’s all there.

I post some stuff there every once in a while. There’s these nice graphics that I get from people that I share or if there’s any designs that we have from shirts or whatever it is, I put them up there. If you really want to stay in tune with our community, just go in the Telegram group and you will be able to interact with me personally and a few other people as well.

[pause 00:33:19]

Think you got lost. I know it’s a lot of work. I appreciate your patience and for all of your work so far. Look to do a lot more stuff in the Netherlands and then Amsterdam. Looking forward to going there sometime in April. [unintelligible 00:33:49] the plan is to buy a bank, partner with a bank or form a new bank charter. That still has not changed from anything on our whitepaper. Everything that we said on our white paper ,we’re actually executing on. It’s either a work in progress or actually going to be done.

One thing that we will not do is buy a bank for the sake of buying a bank. I don’t agree with that. I’d rather wait and postpone or push back until we get exactly what we want. It’s very easy for us to buy a bank in some random country and just say, “We bought a bank.” It doesn’t do anything to me, it doesn’t do anything for what we’re trying to do. Pascal, yes, I could do a few hundred if not more per second. It’s not an issue really. It’s not an issue in regards to actually holding the load. There’s some people out there that are trying to get to that Visa standard of tens of thousands per second. We’re still very small. We still have time to continue to develop and improve the blockchain so that we can handle more and more speeds. There’s a lot of opportunities to improve that.

[unintelligible 00:34:54]. Yes, once we set up the bank and we have it all setup, then it will just be delivered like anything else. Very simple. Some of these questions are really funny. When Lambo? I actually don’t like Lamborghinis, believe it or not. They look pretty but I don’t think I like to drive it every day. It’s just not comfortable. I cannot predict anything about price or market cut forecast or anything like that. All of this stuff will eventually be solved eventually. Okay, guys?

Hido Yuki from Japan you mean about TPoints? There’s actually a ton of companies like this. I know the Yahoo Japan has it but we met with a few smaller players that actually do this and we’re planning on partnering with more than just one. I think it’s prudent to work with a few of these. It’s a better way to actually diversify our opportunities.

Candice Lindor, these are actually really good questions. What are the importance of Visa, Mastercard and crypto relationships? If you want to have a debit card that works in every single ATM in the world, then you definitely have to have Cirrus, Visa or Mastercard. Now, there are several options. If you have a bank and the bank can make a deal with Visa, Mastercard and they’re okay with crypto, which is extremely important, they have been overall okay with crypto. They have just been extremely cautious about working with specific companies that do not do their due diligence or AML or KYC.

Now, what Visa and Mastercard cares about is the transaction fiat. That’s what they really care about because that’s how they collect their fees. Now, if you wanted to not use Visa, Mastercard then we would have to use a third party or another type of provider. There are others out there, believe it or not. If you ever look at the back of your card [inaudible 00:37:18] sometimes you see there’s these little symbols. There’s five or six of them there and we could talk to one of those.

The other one is actually creating our own ATM network, which would be expensive but that could be fine. We could open five ATMs in London, a few in Madrid, a few in Amsterdam, few in certain parts of the world. If people want to work with us and be able to do that and manage it, whatever it is, then that’s fine. There’s a lot of ways to go around doing that. It’s just the process takes longer but that is an option. I think we are all business people at the end of the day and we’re always trying to look at what is the fastest way we can do something that would be right for the customer but at the same time, safe and secure.

If the decision does not make sense for us or the industry does not want us to do it for whatever reason, then we’re going to look at other options and that’s just the hard cold reality of things. In business, you cannot be emotional and stuff like that. You just have to go for it and adapt. Always adapt, adapt, adapt. If you do not adapt, you will die. That’s my answer to that Candice. Fantastic question. I probably went a little bit deeper than you wanted to but it was a fantastic, fantastic question.

Platform. If you’re talking about the actual merchant services platform, we’re aiming towards the end of second quarter but we’re going to make the right decision that’s best for everyone. If it’s a better platform and it’s going to be third quarter, then it’s going to be the third quarter but that is the goal right now, second quarter. We’re still in the first quarter. We’re in month two of Q1.

Lucas, good question. When we have more of the merchant services stuff ready in the front page of the website ready we’ll remove all of the stuff about the token sale. No, there will not be any token burns at all. Devar, I do not know when you get your Lamborghini. I think a Lamborghini costs a $150,000 here in the States. I don’t know when you’ll [laughs] get your Lamborghini.

You did a lot, Keith. You said you’ve seen two videos on staking by same [unintelligible 00:39:41]. His name is Ruben by the way. Everybody has a name. [unintelligible 00:39:45]. You know what Keith, send me an email at Put in the subject Keith McLaine, Facebook Live question about staking and ask your specific question and I’ll help you out. We do not have a coin burn policy at all. No coin burns. Can you make it easy so that a desktop wall is easy for a kid to use that will help getting a new coin users? That’s a very good question. Right now, no, we do not. I think there’s definitely a possibility where we can make it extremely easy where there’s maybe a mobile app that we can have specifically for kids. I’m actually really believe in children basically high school in learning how to actually use our technology and crypto, in general, because that is actually where adoption really starts. It starts in high school, it starts saying that type of environment. What I think happens is the college kids come up with the ideas and make them and then the high school kids are the ones that actually start to use them and massively adopt.

Look at Facebook, college kids they use it in college but the reality is that high school kids really took it to the next level. You look at Snapchat, all these amazing platforms protect. They all started. Google started by college but it was just used by everybody but high school kids use it to do research. That’s how I used it.

Yes, I think there’s an opportunity for us to look at making a better app or a good app that’s very easy for high school students to actually learn about crypto. It’s actually educational but at the same time, start to learn how to use TokenPay. It’s such a great name that it’s very easy for anybody to really understand.

I’m so glad you asked me if I was born a woman. I don’t know if that’s a really cool question to ask but no I was not born a woman but thanks just for a quick humorous sake I might as well just embarrass you by but as the saying that very nice of you to ask that question going. Thanks a lot. Hey, Ben, thanks a lot, in regards to email hack.

I really don’t know what happened, to be honest. We looked at our servers and there’s actually no hack. It could have been potentially something else. It wasn’t a hack. We definitely got DDOS for a bit and we definitely didn’t have anything hacked in regards to coins or anything like that. Honestly, I really don’t know. I still haven’t been able to find out.

I do know that if there were a few hundred people that got emails. Unfortunately, some people fell victims of that. We’re going to stop right now. That’s okay. Again, if you have any other questions, please let us know. Definitely be available in chat. All right, thanks a lot for your time. Appreciate it.

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