This Female Investor Has Close To 40 Investments To Date: ‘Crypto Is My Jam’

We all know that trying to find the best opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies can be a hard pill to swallow – especially because of the volatility and constant ups and downs. However, for Arianna Simpson, who is a young female early-stage investor, this is a real challenge. Arianna’s portfolio currently counts about 40 investments to date, proving that earning from crypto can be a real possibility.

After working at Facebook and BitGo (which is a popular blockchain security company) for some time, Arianna decided to focus on investments. She is confident that crypto is her jam – and has investments in many different tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Arianna’s Portfolio Full Of Prosperous Projects

However, the most promising investments for Arianna include ICOs and projects such as Able Health – a concept which helps doctors get paid more for delivering better care, After School – a Facebook-like network for teens as well as Embark which is a developer of self-driving trucks and Kite – the AI co-pilot that helps programmers to write code.

As you can see, Arianna’s interest in cryptocurrencies is major. She even founded a fund named Autonomous Partners in 2017m with the sole idea of focusing on cryptocurrencies, digital assets as well as blockchain-based companies. The focus of this fund is security and scalability in a growing infrastructure.

Arianna’s investment philosophy has always been simple. She focuses on two things – markets and people. In other words, she looks for founders who are exceptionally hungry and ones who have deep domain expertise. On the market side, she prefers markets that are growing quickly.

The Hyperinflation In Zimbabwe As Arianna’s Starting Point In Crypto

In an interview with a cryptocurrency news site, Arianna said that she first got into the world of Bitcoin in 2013, after a trip through Southern Africa. According to her, this was the ‘breaking point’ when she was recovering from the extreme hyperinflation in countries like Zimbabwe. She then realized that many things could go wrong and unfold differently for the citizens of Zimbabwe if they have had access to an alternative financial system outside of their government’s control.

Hence, Arianna decided to dig deeper in Bitcoin and its entire infrastructure. After stumbling upon the Bitcoin whitepaper a few weeks later, she saw how everything clicked – and started spending a lot of time researching the technology, writing and speaking about it. A year later (in mid-2014), she decided to join BitGo which is the first company that commercialized multi-signature wallets.

Arianna believes that everyone has the opportunity to reshape the current financial system and join in a new revolution in redistributing the wealth and power in a major way. This is why she strongly encourages groups who have been underserved by the current system to explore the technology and get involved as soon as possible.

The Challenges Ahead

When it comes to the actual challenges, Arianna points out that things like security (how to safely manage the private keys) and scalability (the number of transactions that the network can process) are among the first things that need to be resolved.

Beyond that, however, she says that the world needs more user-friendly products and services – all in order to see the rapid crypto adoption we are all expecting. Also, she thinks that despite the hype around cryptocurrencies, we are still in the “early innings” when it is hard to forecast what the space is going to look like in a decade from now. However, she agrees that the blockchain is going to massively reshape the world as we know it.

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