Opera Launching Desktop Browser with Built-In Crypto Wallet

In a press release to Cointelegraph on Wednesday, August 8, Opera, a web browser developed by a Norwegian company Opera Software AS, announced that it is launching a desktop browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet functionality.

In July, as part of its beta version of Opera for Android, Opera launched a mobile crypto wallet. The interest and positive response from crypto enthusiasts encouraged Opera to consider its latest launch.

The new desktop allows users to connect their crypto wallet-enabled mobile app to their desktop browser by scanning a QR code. This is the same system Opera has been using for years to synchronize apps between desktops and mobile devices.

This is good news for cryptocurrency holders, as it is believed the new system will not only be more efficient, but possibly more secure. The wallet takes advantage of the phone’s secure system lock, meaning that users can sign transactions using their fingertips rather than relying on entering passwords into their browsers. In the existing Android wallet, the keys to the wallet are also stored on the phone instead of on a centralized server; arguably, this user-controlled feature is more secure. In addition to user-controlled security, Opera added anti-cryptojacking software on its web and mobile browsers in January.

The desktop browser will support digital tokens and collectibles, just as Opera’s mobile app currently does. Charles Hamel, product lead of Opera Crypto said that browser integration is an important step toward “making cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0. Mainstream.”

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