Opera Browser Now Has Native Ethereum Wallet in Desktop Versions of Their Browser

Opera, one of the largest web browsers in the world made the announcement on Wednesday that they will be adding a built-in ethereum wallet in the desktop version of their browser. This built-in wallet would support both ether and ethereum-based tokens.

The Oslo-based firm made the announcement have they received an overwhelming response to the private beta for its mobile browser which already has a built-in ethereum wallet.

This is definitely a breath of fresh air for once because we recently saw Google ban decentralized apps from the Chrome Web Store and also the Google Play Store. We also saw Apple banning all the cryptocurrency mining applications from their store as well.

Opera, which is backed by the bitcoin mining giant Bitmain goes the opposite way and introduces a built-in wallet in their browser which not only makes it convenient for people to access their digital asset, it also has the ability to access decentralized apps (dApps) like Augur and CryptoKitties without having to download any extensions.

Charles Hamel, the product lead of Opera Crypto said:

“By adding a crypto wallet directly into the browser, we removed the need for complex extensions or separate apps. Opening up the PC browser to crypto marks Opera’s second step toward making cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0 mainstream.”

To start using the built-in wallet on the desktop version of the browser, the users will first have to download the Opera mobile browser on their Android devices and enable the native cryptocurrency wallet. Then, they can connect it to their PC browser by scanning a QR code.

All the keys to the wallet still remain on the user’s phone, so you will have to use your phone to sign all the payments. Even the transactions that are initiated through the PC browser. And to do that, you can simply use the fingerprint scanner to sign the transactions.


Bitmain Played a Huge Role

It is clear that Bitmain’s $50 million investment to get the controlling stake in Opera is one of the big reasons why Opera is going crypto. It not only makes the web browser more attractive to crypto enthusiasts, it is also moving forward and dominating a space that other browsers are yet to dominate in a major way (by providing support for dApps).

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