Mobile Cryptocurrency Mining With Phoneum

Imagine Smartphone users mining wherever and whenever they want. That’s right. Imagine being able to mine cryptocurrency in the palm of your hand. Simply. Easily. All you need is a smartphone and an app. That is what Phoneum says they are bringing to the market.

The Current Realities of Cryptocurrency Mining

Mention cryptocurrency mining and usually certain things come to mind. Specialized computers requiring noisy fans to keep them cool. Rapid complex calculations being performed. Data centers employing people in the growing digital economy.

Maybe the term crypto mining makes you think of energy use. Massive amounts of electricity needed to run an operation.

Maybe you think of places that have cheap electricity because you are in the know. You know what it takes to mine coin and you know the costs.

Countries pop into your mind. You might think of Ukraine, Venezuela, China, or Belarus. Perhaps you’ve heard about mining operations in the United States such as in Montana.

The Phoneum Mobile Mining Solution

What if there was something new? The digital space is all about innovation, right?

Players in the digital industry realize that mining cryptocurrency coins is necessary. It simply has to be done. It is part of the process.

What is also realized is that mining presents many challenges. Both individuals and organizations are working toward improving mining. They are working toward solutions.

Phoneum claims they have a revolutionary solution.

Phoneum is targeting a new market. Their new mining model is accessible. It leverages a previously untapped market. With Phoneum, if you have a smartphone cryptocurrency will be available to you.

Smartphones are computers that fit in the palm of your hand. Most people underutilize the computing power of their smartphones. There are over 2 billion devices in circulation. These devices are, essentially, miniature computers.

By leveraging smartphones, the reach of cryptocurrency mining would be unprecedented. Making mining available to people without the need for any specialized technical skills or knowledge would be a major advance.

Phoneum’s plan would mean that no special equipment is needed to mine. Just use your smart device. They also see mining opened up to people who live in areas with high cost or limited electricity services. They see the underserved being served.

The project platform aims to offer a user experience that is simplified. Thanks to their platform, users possessing just about any level of technical aptitude will be able to participate in the new and growing cryptocurrency economy.

Users will have a choice as to how they participate. They could buy tokens. They could earn tokens. Tokens could be redeemed to make a purchase.

Phoneum Basics

Phoneum (PHM) is a decentralized cryptocurrency coin. It is also a product with a custom blockchain and algorithm. It is optimized for mobile device usage.

This dApp and product are focused on transaction speed while being easy to use. Their mission is to mainstream cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining.

What They Offer

· Fast and secure mobile-only P2P network of transactions for Phoneum users. There is no intermediary chain. A QR scanner is built-in.

· A free Android or Apple app. The app comes with built-in Phoneum miner and crypto wallet. Both are automatically created for the user

· Entry costs are lower. Users have the option to either earn PHM or buy.

· Consumer adoption is supported thanks to free peer-to-peer transactions for users. The merchant transaction fees are fractional which will spur business adoption.

· Users gain access to a point-of-sale network of merchants that will accept PHM transactions

Phoneum’s fundraising event runs through July 27, 2018. Initially launched as an ERC20 token, PHM will have a with a maximum supply of 20,000,000,000. The fundraiser allocation will be 2,462,500,000 PHM tokens. The soft cap is $1,000,000.00 and the hard cap is $20,000,000.00. The tokens are priced at $.01 per PHM. Four stages with discounts varying per stage are offered.

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