Litecoin Will Support HTC’s New Blockchain Phone

The HTC Corporation recently announced that they will be bringing on the Litecoin co-founder, Charlie Lee as an advisor to HTC Exodus. Exodus is a native blockchain smartphone that the Taiwanese consumer electronics firm is currently developing.

HTC believes that people have the right to own their identity and data. And to ensure that, they will be releasing the world’s first native blockchain phone that will function as a node and not have their identity stored on a centralized cloud. This will improve the security of all your data. Not only that, every device will also come with a cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies.


Right now the specifications of the device and the markets in which it will be available have not been announced. We will just have to wait until HTC makes the official announcements and confirm the date of launch.


Before Charlie Lee came on as the advisor, according to Chief Crypto Officer of HTC, Phil Chen, the HTC Exodus was supporting bitcoin, ethereum, lightning networks, and Dfinity. Chen said that the company would love to support the entire blockchain ecosystem and they are currently working on doing just that. And they are also actively working on forming partnerships to bring on as many networks as possible on Exodus.

HTC’s ultimate goal is to provide the end consumer with the best blockchain and decentralized application experience possible.

That’s when Charlie Lee came on as the advisor to Exodus and Litecoin joined other cryptocurrency networks that HTC Exodus would support.

The Taiwanese company also stated that one of their goals is to bring decentralized applications (dApp) to their mobile devices and earlier this month they announced that they have partnered up with CryptoKitties which is a dApp on the Ethereum network. With this partnership, HTC will be allowing the game to be released on all of their future devices.

This is HTC’s move to empower people via decentralization. Many tech giants have moved from providing products to providing data to advertisers which drastically changed their business model. This means that people are now the product, and their data is the information that is being shared with the advertisers.

HTC wants to empower the people and fight the commoditization of humanity. And with the recent bans from Google on dApps, it is clear that someone needs to come up with an app store that will allow users to download dApps. HTC has created a marketplace that allows that.

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