John McAfee and TokenPay CEO to Debate Crypto Adoption on August 9

John McAfee, CEO of ModernChain and Oninute.Tech, and Derek Capo, CEO of TokenPay (TPAY) will be debating about cryptocurrency adoption on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 at 5 pm EST. The debate will be moderated by a successful entrepreneur and crypto-enthusiast, Keith Wareing.

This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch these two gentlemen debate because John McAfee has been pushing for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency for a while now. Today he will be able to go in-depth about how one should go about doing that. He will also be putting forth the reasons why he thinks that cryptocurrency should be adopted by everyone, regardless of their color, country, and nature.

McAfee has gone as far as condemning countries hindering mass adoption. He is also open to debate the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission who has been working against the mass adoption of crypto.

He has also been working behind the scenes to remove the cryptocurrency exchanges that charge high fees. Not only that, he is also chipping away toward removing centralized cryptocurrencies from commanding authority over the crypto market. We recently reported that he said in an interview with CCN that these centralized exchanges are a lot weaker than you think.

McAfee strongly believes that decentralized exchanges should be leading the way.

His argument?

With decentralized exchanges, there is no single owner. This means that even if a user is forced off the exchange, everyone else can still trade.

Derek Capo, the CEO of TokenPay, on the other hand, has been the fearless persona in the crypto space. He does is not afraid to speak his mind. We saw him back in April exchange some heated tweets with the Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin. But very soon the fight dissolved and they ended with a couple of friendly direct messages in which they both realized that they shared a common problem: banking.

I am thankful that these gentlemen exchanges those heated tweets because just a couple of months later, we saw one of a cryptocurrency firm to create an entire ecosystem that allows the users to do everything from accepting merchant payments in cryptocurrency, getting certificates against your coins (similar to a bond), providing the users with a safer crypto exchange on which they can trade (eFin), to buying a bank to make it LTC user friendly (yes, you read that right, a BANK!). Read our report about that here.

This couldn’t have been possible if TokenPay did not have the support of the Litecoin Foundation, and vice versa. Litecoin is the world’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency.

Just by seeing the list of people on the panel, I’m 100% certain that this will be a fun and interesting discussion that will cover almost everything within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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