Is EON Set to Surge?

EOS Mainnet has launched and many have questions. Some are screaming that it is a disaster. Others are yelling that it is the greatest thing ever developed. Time to take a look at the EOS blockchain and the cryptocurrency EON.

EOS Mainnet has been called a blockchain development milestone. The blocks are flowing. Block producers are active. Despite the hype around Mainnet being groundbreaking, what seems to be of more concern to cryptocurrency investors is price.

EOS Plus Network Equals EON

Airdrops from EOS

Holders of EOS have been getting airdrops. They’ve been getting them for free and that may well continue. Airdrops is another in a seemingly never-ending list of cryptocurrency jargon.

Here’s a helpful definition: Airdrops are distributions of cryptocurrency tokens. The tokens are free and are delivered to the wallets of some of the users. Most often a blockchain start-up will do airdrops as a marketing strategy. It helps to get the start-up attention from potential investors.

In the case of EON, exchanges such as Binance, Gate, and others have been supporting the airdrops. Support from cryptocurrency exchanges can be interpreted as a plus for EON. This support could mean EON’s price is set to rise. It is not a guarantee, but it is a positive signal.

EON Blockchain OS

A simple description of EON is that it is a blockchain operating system. It is an improvement over EOS. They say all the bugs of EOS have now been “worked out”.

EON is an intelligent system. It is also a high-speed system that is able to handle over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS). Because EON is able to allocate flexibly and intelligently the whole networks computing power the node lode and cloud network are instantly synchronized. This enables the 100,000 TPS average.

The EON system uses a virtual machine that is different from ones normally used. Allocation of memory is more efficient. Addressing is more efficient. Testing and debugging is simpler. This is due to the intelligent “virtual machines” being used. Another bonus is programmers don’t need to learn multiple programming languages. EON uses a mainstream language.

The very first “cloud-based smart contract editor” was released via EON. The work of smart contracts such as compilation, debugging, and development can be accomplished with ease in the cloud by developers using the EON Editor. This promotes development and improves efficiency throughout the whole blockchain industry.

Also, there is more “user friendliness” since EON supports JavaScript use in its smart contract development instead of C++. An added bonus of this is the participation of Ethereum smart contract and web developers. Using the same language means Ethereum developers can also be a part of EON’s development.

The technology behind EON is a combination pulling from three aspects. They believe their success will be increased thanks to their foundation of smart computing power distribution, the use of mainstream programming languages, and solid technical support.

With security concerns being a near constant in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, EON has paid special attention to their unique approach to security. Strategic partnership comes into the picture.

Armor Labs is a blockchain security company. They are a partner of EON. The company is said to be the top blockchain security lab on the planet. Armor Labs is laser-focused on the “ecology” of blockchain security in the cloud.

With the added expertise of Armor Labs, the EON team has praised their technology in helping to correct the vulnerabilities of EOS.

Taking all this into consideration, many in the industry believe that EON will surge in price. Keeping a careful watch on the market will show if this is true or not.


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