Indian State Embraces Blockchain Technology to Mitigate Fraud in Government

The Indian State of Telangana is getting ready to start using blockchain technology in their administrative services as they sign MoUs with various blockchain startups and consultants. This is the state’s move to bring transparency to state administration that would end up reducing fraud in the government.

As reported by Business Standard, Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana’s I.T. and Industries head noted that the state will start implementing blockchain technology in six or seven government applications. The state has already started using blockchain-based solutions for land registry and pension platforms to bring transparency and also to mitigate fraud in those two areas that are middlemen-dominated businesses.

This could really boost the production of the state because fraud in government services and administration is rampant in the subcontinent. And with the help of blockchain technology, these services can bring transparency in their operations.

Ranjan did not name any specific area of implementation yet so any areas that we consider would just be mere speculation. So we are waiting for the announcements about those things to be made.


Attracting speakers from leading crypto companies

Nucleus Vision founder Abhishek Pitti is organizing the International Blockchain Conference in Hyderabad on 3rd August 2018. This conference is attracting some speakers and personalities from some of the dominating crypto companies in the industry right now. Not only that, there will be state government representatives of Telangana and Goa present, as well as NITI Ayog, which is the country’s authoritative body on strategic planning in rural and urban areas.

This is a huge deal for the country that has been very negative towards cryptocurrencies and related sectors.

Speakers and personalities from ICON, Binance, NEO, and Huobi will be present there as well. And Tim Draper is scheduled to speak at the event.

If this event is a success, this would be a huge push in favor of cryptocurrency in regards to the upcoming regulations reveal in the country.

Thanks to its high literacy rate, Telangana has been known to be India’s most forward-thinking states. The state is actively embracing the blockchain technology. This is the state’s technology push as it was evidenced several times in the past.

The blockchain-based land registry platform was just one of the ways the state integrated blockchain into their administrative services. Once the state saw how successful it was, they merged it with the state’s revenue department to ensure end-to-end transparency records while maintaining the integrity of the information.

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