Hackproof Cryptocurrency from GoldCrypto

Can a cryptocurrency really be totally secure? Can a platform actually guarantee that its cryptocurrency tokens are safe from hackers? GoldCrypto claims they can. They are guaranteeing that their tokens are hacker-proof.

Groundbreaking Hack-Proof CryptoGold Cryptocurrency

This world-wide first is a massive and much needed breakthrough for the digital currency space. GoldCrypto is taking a giant leap forward in cryptocurrency security and is offering cryptocurrency that is guaranteed to be safe from theft by hacking.

AuX: Hackerproof and Backed By Gold

AuX, the tokens offered by GoldCrypto, offer more than protection from hackers. AuX tokens are backed by gold. In fact, they are 150% backed by gold and the gold backing keeps increasing. This is an unprecedented entry into not only the crypto market but also the gold market.

Pioneering AuX Token Security

Thanks to the platform that AuX is being implemented through, trying to hack into the system and steal tokens is pointless. Any tokens that are stolen will be worthless to the hacker. Thanks to the CryptoSecure Platform any tokens that are stolen become worthless to the hacker and the amount stolen is replaced into the account of the victim.

With the CryptoSecure Platform, they maintain that security is beyond anything in the market. Layered protocols are provided for GoldCrypto. These protocols include network security, PoA (proof of identity), Authority, access control, and Stake.

Beyond the protocols, their network management software is unique. They say to expect the strongest security against hackers in the industry. Because of the software, GoldCrypto claims there is nothing to hack. The software instantly mitigates any invasion of viruses, trojans, botnets, ransomware, and any other malware.

Backing up their claims, their network solution has been audited by the US Government. Thanks to the results of the audit, they have approval for government installations. In addition, all 20 of the SANS Institute’s Critical Security Controls have been met.

More AuX Features and Security

All transactions are validated and authorized with a permission-based ledger. The ERC 20 standard AuX crytpo are on the GoldCrypto public blockchain. The CryptoSecure interface ensures that all transactions occur between users that have been validated.

There is validation beyond the users. The smart contract tokens in the transaction are also identified and authenticated. CryptoSecure performs all this seamless according to GoldCrypto. Compliance, tracking, and all needed transaction identification are provided for due to the CryptoSecure safeguards.

The process is fairly straightforward. First, through the permissioned ledger, the GoldCrypto AUX coins are created. Everything necessary is moved through ERC20 standard smart contracts. This occurs on the public blockchain.
Please keep in mind that only AuX tokens listed and traded on a CryptoSecure Exchange and held in Crypto secure wallets are guaranteed hack-proof.

In summary, GoldCrypto emphasizes that their AUX coin has unique features that make it desirable in the digital space. It has gold-backed value. So the value of AuX is not based upon speculation. In the unlikely event it is hacked, the tokens are replaced. Counterfeiting is not possible because all the tokens are accounted for on the blockchain. There is major trust since the AuX coin is back by verifiable gold which increases. There can be many thousands of transactions per second which means scalability is no problem.

Furthermore, more advantages are stated. There is worldwide transferability, the tokens can be validated at any time. They can be verified authentic any time. They are portable and exchangeable worldwide. AuX is more durable than any fiat currency. Divisibility will be provided for which will up usage.

GoldCrypto has pre-purchased the gold bullion to back the AuX tokens. They obtained it through the Key Capital Corporation Mining Division. GoldCrypto has already pre-purchased over 13,000 ounces of gold.

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