Gamers Could Strike Gold: Free Bitcoin Hidden in Game

If you’re a gamer looking to score some free bitcoin, look no further than No Man’s Sky, an action survival game where 0.004 BTC are hidden somewhere on a pair of planets. Players can claim the prize by locating the corresponding communications stations.

Crypto enthusiast, gamer, and investment adviser Jon Creasy says that more hidden bitcoin prizes are forthcoming. He believes that this approach could bring about mass adoption of cryptocurrency as fellow gamers follow suit and offer rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Could he be on to something? Considering that gaming is an industry that has been very open and accepting of cryptocurrency – and that there are around 2.2 billion active gamers globally – it could be enough to generate momentum.

However, one game isn’t enough. More pro-crypto gamers need to adopt the strategy. For example, gaming and collectibles were among the top five answers given by Twitter users who were asked what would it take to make cryptocurrency it the 10-million user mark. P2P payment, and gambling were the top three answers given. This is important, as currently – outside of speculative holders – there are less than a million active cryptocurrency users according to hedge fund manager Ari Paul.

Creasy knows that gamers are adventurous and bold. To encourage them to use cryptocurrency, Creasy has established a subreddit for gamers wanting to communicate with other bitcoin hunters.

Creasy says that the gaming industry could eventually be based on cryptocurrency. Current activity seems to be aligned with this prediction.

In 2016, gaming and digital distribution platform Steam began accepting BitPay-enabled bitcoin payments. Unfortunately, Steam reversed its course last year and disabled cryptocurrency payments due to high fees they had hoped to avoid by using blockchain technology.

In Japan, GMO Internet (a Japanese internet services provider) recently announced the development of “CryptoChips” that enable cryptocurrency remuneration within online games. CryptoChips is designed to allow players to receive cryptocurrency based on their in-game rankings.

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