EXX Exchange Review

EXX Crypto Exchange Review

When it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrency, it is important to have a basic understanding of how the market works to make smart investment moves. However, benefits from the cryptocurrency exchange are not confined to accountants and stock brokers; anyone can become an investor in cryptocurrency with enough know-how and the right tools, such as EXX, a desktop and mobile exchange application.

What is It

Functioning as both a browser-based and mobile application, EXX is an exchange platform for investors. Based out of Hong Kong, EXX is versatile thanks to its mobile capability, allowing dedicated users to be close to their investments day and night. Released in 2017, EXX has already garnered a number of users thanks to its flexibility and accessibility.

The company behind the platform, EXX Group Unlimited, hope to offer a convenient and user-friendly trading platform that does not jeopardize the safety and security of transactions. While concentrating on giving full support and accessibility to its userbase, EXX is also able to offer easy and fast transactions every single time.

About the Platform

EXX encourages investors to trade in the cryptocurrency market easily by offering low transaction fees. At a set fee of .01%, investors are always aware of what they are spending and where each percentage is going without having to worry about hidden fees or surprise costs. There is also 24/7 support within the platform, which can help users rest easy in the knowledge that any problems they might encounter with the app or their investments will be tended to immediately and securely.

While available on desktop browsers, EXX can also be downloaded as an app for both iOS and Android. The ability to carry your investments in your pocket has a lot of appeal, and the app is a comprehensive version of the browser exchange, meaning that anything that can be done on the browser can be done within in the app.

How It Works

Registration is incredibly easy. There is no verification necessary or hoops to jump through, all users need to sign up is a valid e-mail address or phone number. Once signed up, the desktop and application versions are available for users to immediately start investing.

The platform offers a simple interface which allows for instant ability to begin buying and selling cryptocurrency. Not only are users able to trade within cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but EXX allows for transfer between fiat currency and various altcoins. Specific market pages within the application will also go into extreme details about the investment information regarding a user’s preferred cryptocurrencies.

The application also allows users access to APIs, giving them the opportunity to further develop features that continue to assist in trading and investment.

EXX offers security, safety, and low transaction fees for their users. It is a flexible application with an easy to use interface and round the clock support which all work together to help users feel that their investments will thrive while remaining protected.

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