Cryptopia Exchange Review

Cryptopia Crypto Exchange Review

Cryptopia – What Is It?

Cryptopia is definitely an electronic “asset exchange” you will discover online at During this writing, had placed Cryptopia in #52 spot when it comes to overall “market volume” among the exchanges over a day period.

This exchange is especially well-known for the trading currencies which you do not find on some other exchanges. Right now, the most widely used currencies being exchanged included Bitcoin, 1337, Litecoin, Spectrecoin and Atmos.

On the whole, Cryptopia is greater than simply an exchange. This explains itself as “your-one-stop-crypto-shop”. Not to mention, you can purchase and sell the digital assets, however, you can additionally trade all those assets intended for the real-world services and goods.

Features Of Cryptopia:

A number of the important features of this platform are:

  • Marketplace:

This Cryptopia market is a straightforward place to purchase and sell services and products to anywhere, anyone across the world in trade for the cryptocurrency. Also, you can purchase and sell products totally free, or even set up a classified listing or an auction.

  • Mineshaft:

Mineshaft of Cryptopia is actually a “mining platform” developed for different cryptocurrencies. This supports all the miners from individual GPU or CPU users to the full-blown “ASIC” experts.

  • Exchange:

As stated above, this “Cryptopia exchange” is usually ranked in the top “50 or 60” most widely used cryptocurrency exchanges depending on the trading volume. Surprisingly the exchange is easy to use as well as has a user-friendly and pleasantly UI. Additionally, you can use “exchange” to pay for your bills.

  • Lottery:

The Cryptopia features a lottery exactly where you are able to win cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. The lottery honors 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes to the users. You will find monthly lotteries and daily lotteries as well. Prizes differ widely, even though during writing, we did not see any massive prizes being distributed.

  • Coininfo:

The useful part of Cryptopia site is its page for Coin Information, where you will get comprehensive details about a number of altcoins today available online. You can easily view the key facts regarding altcoins in the “no-rubbish” way, such as the algorithm utilized by altcoin, network, the amount of connections, block height, wallet status, listing status, as well as overall rating.

  • Cryptopia Rewards:

Not to mention, Cryptopia features a “rewards-bot” which reward you just for using this website. You can easily earn coins intended for performing specific actions on this site. The “rewards system” is quite random.


Last but not the least, calling Cryptopia the only “cryptocurrency exchange” is somewhat misleading. It is an “all in one” platform for cryptocurrency which wants to boost the usefulness of cryptocurrencies. Along with the exchange (ranked currently #52 when it comes to 24 hrs trading volume), the Cryptopia features a market, lottery system, rewards program as well as a comprehensive information section.

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