Crypto Exchanges for the United States

Crypto Exchanges For The United StatesAre you located in the United States? Are you looking to buy Bitcoins? Maybe you want some other cryptocurrency? Do you want to use cash? Maybe a credit card is more to your liking? How about using a bank transfer to buy some cryptocurrency? Buying digital money like Bitcoins or Ether on exchanges in the United States is easy. Some of the biggest crypto exchanges are located in the United States. Some sell a variety of coins. All this adds up to ease of purchase. You want some crypto coins? In the US, there is no problem buying them.

Some Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the United States

I’m including names and brief descriptions of some cryptocurrency exchanges. No recommendations, simply some information that you can take and use to find an exchange or two that might be of interest to you. If you’re new to buying and selling cryptocurrency, find out here How To Obtain Bitcoins.


GDAX stands for global digital asset exchange. GDAX is a very popular platform. Please be aware that this is a platform for more experienced crypto traders. For those just starting out, their interface can be very confusing.

The fees on this exchange are super low which make it very popular. GDAX’s coin selection of tradable is fairly limited which is a disadvantage, but the low fees along with the high trading volume, excellent liquidity, and safety more than make up for it.


Bitcoin Buying and Selling in the USIf you think “cash is king”, BitQuick may appeal to you. If you want to buy Bitcoins, you must make a cash deposit in the bank of the Bitcoin seller. Once the seller sees that the cash has been deposited, your coins are released to you.

Some advantages of BitQuick are there are no limits, you usually receive your coins within an hour of paying for them, they have a good reputation, and are reliable. The buyer fees are a little on the high side. On the other hand, if you are a seller you pay zero fees and can often sell your coins for more than market price.


CEX.IO is an exchange where you can buy Bitcoins using your credit card. Credit card purchase fees are relatively low. If you do a bank transfer, there are no fees at all for buyers. They have a good reputation, there’s instant verification of most credit card purchases, and debit cards can be used too.

On the not so good side, there are quite a few states where CEX.IO is not supported. Also, the basic account limits you to $2000 worth of trades a month, if you want an account with a $100,000 a month limit be prepared to supply a lot of personal information.


Cryptocurrency ExchangesIf you are searching for a quick and easy way to purchase Bitcoins with a credit card or a debit card, Coinbase provides that option. Using a credit or debit card means you will get your coins immediately. This exchange is easy to use which is another reason it is ideal for beginners.

The fees are a little on the high side on Coinbase. If you plan on making a lot of trades, find and learn to use another exchange. It will be worth your while. However, if you just want to make occasional trades using your credit card, this San Francisco based exchange is a good choice.


Is anonymity a driving force for you? If it is and you don’t mind paying for it, Coinmama might be the exchange for you. Two dozen states, as of this writing, support this exchange. If you are buying less than $150 worth of Bitcoins, you don’t even have to supply an ID. They are the oldest Bitcoin broker in existence.

Fees are the main problem with Coinmama. They charge 6% on credit card purchases. This makes them more expensive to do business with than any other outfit.

This overview definitely supplies options to get you started buying and selling Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Gemini, Bitstamp, Kraken, and ItBit are other reputable exchanges which you can easily find out about and perhaps use for your crypto investing.

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