Company Planning Global Network of Health Centers That Accept Cryptocurrency

BitVit, a new blockchain-driven company, has announced plans to create a global network of health centers – and these centers will accept cryptocurrency as payment for services.

Life expectancies worldwide are soaring, yet BitVit argues that for many people, these extended lives are fraught with poor health and rising healthcare expenses.

The company cited research in its white paper stating that German women can expect to live until they are 83, but the last 9-10 years will likely be in poor health; likewise, German men can expect to live 78 years, with the last decade in poor health.

BitVit’s goal is to provide “holistic solutions” that would involve a publicly-shared knowledge base and intellectual exchange, in order to educate future generations and promote healthier aging.

BitVit plans to open Yllasport centers, where people can rent sports equipment such as bicycles, receive professional training, take fitness classes and specialized classes aimed at seniors. The centers would emphasize nutritional and lifestyle habits that support healthy living.

These services would be paid for using a specially created cryptocurrency called BitVit Coin. This currency would be accepted at every Yllasport center, and customers would receive bonus coins and discounts when a transaction is completed.

BitVit’s white paper states, “Through the introduction of the BitVit’s coin will be one component of a six-part ecosystem. An app is being created which will enable the “borderless and cost-efficient” transfer of this cryptocurrency – as well as giving users the chance to sell data to researchers in exchange for rewards. This will be coupled with an exchange to allow BitVit Coins to be exchanged into euros and other fiat currencies with ease. Users will also have the option to load their crypto on to a specially created debit card.”

The BitVit approach is innovative even for the health and wellness sector, which is already known for embracing innovation.

The presale of BitVit coins began on July 1, 2018 and runs until August 15, 2018. A maximum of 200 million BitVit Coins are being produced. 120 million of these are on sale for $0.50 apiece, and a minimum purchase amount of 100 BitVit Coins has been set.

The startup has announced a fundraising goal of $60 million.

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