CoinExchange Review Review

With the prevalence and popularity of cryptocurrency, it makes complete sense that a multitude of websites that encourage the trading and use of crypto would begin to pop up around the internet. When choosing a trading website, it is important to look closely at what each site has to offer, and today we’ll be looking at, a versatile and easy to use exchange platform.

The Basics

Many trading sites allow for exchange from USD to crypto, but does not. The site’s main concentration is on BTC to altcoin transfer and vice-versa, so users looking for a place to transfer their real-world money to crypto will need to continue their search.

Although many trading sites value transparency, doesn’t offer any information regarding its physical location, staff, or business practices beyond a basic mission statement, and it also appears to be unregulated. While this might be a deal breaker for some users, there are some perks that come with using an unregulated trading platform. For example, basic sign up is quick and easy since no verification is required, only a valid e-mail address.

There are also protections in place, as makes use of Google Authenticator and Two-Factor Identification. It also offers an anonymous trading platform for those who prefer anon trading.

Use & Fees

The impressively advanced exchange platform offers a huge amount of customization. Users can prioritize their preferred coin and even hide the currency that is not relevant to them. Current asking and bid prices are not automated as they are on other platforms, which allows the user to make use of all the data provided by the platform while buying and selling. supports API for those who are interested in using it in their trading.

If fees are an important factor in choosing a trading platform for users, has theirs available for review without the need to sign up. Buying and selling fees remain at a set price of .015%, and there are zero fees for deposits. Withdrawals, however, have various fees according to the kind of cryptocurrency being withdrawn.


Due to the lack of contact information offered on the website, any issues experienced on the platform will be difficult if not impossible to report. There is a ticketing system available and an FAQ, but the lack of live chat or support of any kind may be frustrating for users experiencing issues. also employs community support via “Bug Bounty,” where users can report bugs and perhaps earn some currency in return.

While does not offer much in terms of its background and business information, it does offer an advanced and impressive trading platform that accommodates a multitude of currency and markets. While its unregulated nature makes it difficult to report user issues, it does incorporate its userbase in locating and correcting problems and the lack of verification makes sign up easy. Depending on what you are looking for in an exchange website, this could be the perfect one for you.

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