Blockchain Advertising Breakthrough for AB InBev

The partnering of traditional industry and blockchain technology companies keeps going. Teaming up now are the world’s largest brewing company and a company at the forefront of mobile marketing and monetization. This joint effort is another example of the advantages realized when traditional industries embrace blockchain technology.

Blockchain Mobile Advertising with Kiip and AB InBev

Brewer AB InBev and marketing and monetization platform Kiip are celebrating their new blockchain mobile ad campaign. This is the first mobile ad campaign utilizing blockchain technology.

This innovation is groundbreaking for a couple of reasons.

The first has to do with relevancy. The brand-related content “fed” to the consumers is now made more relevant. This is thanks to Kiip’s “moments-targeting” technology. This is a departure from the beer giant’s traditional advertising techniques and strategies. In the past, AB InBev has relied upon “interruptive” advertising to get their message across. Thanks to Kiip, they are now moving away from that model. With “moments-targeting” the brewing company seeks better engagement in a more meaningful manner with consumers.

Preparing For A Century of Success with Blockchain Technology

With an eye to continuing AB InBev’s success for the next century and more, they determined new and innovative methods are necessary. “Disrupting existing paradigms…and putting consumers at the heart of everything we do,” according to AB InBev’s Global Marketing Vice President of Consumer Connections, Insights and Innovation Lucas Herscovici, is the responsible approach.

Their “stewardship of the category” by approaching advertising as an avenue to “create meaningful experiences for consumers” with brand specific content is their goal, according to Herscovici. The implementation of this campaign, he added, will boost transparency in “programmatic ad buying and support the ways our brands earn consumers attention.”

Thanks to the uniqueness of Kiip’s ad targeting capabilities enabling movement to an “earned and owned” mobile media strategy, AB InBev’s campaign utilizes data to zero in on the right audiences. Once the audience is targeted the content is delivered. In other words, ad content will be served to those ready and wanting to get it.

This campaign which features Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob, Stella Artois, Estrella Jalisco, and the Bud Light Lime-a-Rita brands, moves away from the historic “interruption” advertising model.

Kiip’s Single Ledger

The emergent technology of Kiip’s brand new “Single Ledger” blockchain product addresses mobile ad fraud and other basic issues. With the Single Ledger, everyone involved in the mobile ad sales chain can both view and audit the campaign directly.

Using this tech, campaign performance data can be simply and clearly reconciled among all the parties. This means that any potential fraud by ad servers and third parties will not be possible. Plus, the entire process of reporting and payment processing will be streamlined.

Not only that, but Kiip’s Single Ledger technology helps AB InBev deliver on its commitment goals. Kiip is helping AB InBev to ensure that every single ad dollar is spent well. Their ad budget will efficiently go toward establishing the “meaningful connections with consumers” that the brewer wants. And this will be happening in the moments that matter. All this will be happening at the times the consumers are most likely looking to engage with AB InBev’s brands. This is precisely what the brewer wants.

Thanks to the blockchain’s “immutable and decentralized ledger” this impact is possible, according to the founder and CEO of Kiip Brian Wong. He added that the data cannot be manipulated. As a company, Kiip realized the potential of blockchain technology in advertising.

They realized there could be transparent supply-chains. They determined the tech could improve “campaign data reconciliation and view-ability verification.” Wong is confident that Single Ledger is “just the beginning for us.”

Kiip describes themselves as the leading ad tech and data platform powering mobile advertising that people like. So far, Kiip has worked with more than 500 well brands. These include well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and McDonald’s. Kiip is integrated into more than 10,000 mobile apps.


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