Kucoin Exchange Review

Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

This is one of the numerous exchanges for cryptocurrencies available for individuals who want a platform which is safe and modern in order to trade cryptocurrencies. A group of industry leaders who were passionate about blockchain was responsible for establishing this cryptocurrency.  

The group comprised of industry giants with an already established reputation. Some of these consisted of Youling, and iBOX PAY, Ant Financial, and Jianbang Communication. The goal of Kucoin is to offer users a means of changing their currencies using an easy to use and secure method on an advanced platform.

Although Kucoin is still quite new, the team responsible for its establishment have been carrying out research associated with blockchain technology ever since the year 2011. Additionally, the technical structure of this platform of exchange was attained in the year 2013. This gave the team numerous years to finish up the details and offer smooth service.

Kucoin Token (KCS)

The Kucoin token also known as Kucoin shares or KCS has an aggregate of 200 million. There will be a continuous 100 million token after the deliberate buyback disposal. At least 10 percent of the net profit attained at every quarter would be channeled to purchasing back KCS and the KCS purchased will be instantly destroyed. KCS functions with every Ethereum wallet. This is because it is a decentralized cryptocurrency which is centered on Ethereum.

The ignition Coin Offering ensured in three phases. The initial stage accounted for around 70 million tokens which is 35 percent. It also had to do with issues for the founders. The second stage was for consultants, industry stars, and angel investors. It accounted for 30 million KCS or 15 percent. The last and final phase was for every user, while the public ICO accounted for 100 million KCS which was the remainder of the token of 50 percent.

Is Kucoin Secure?

Kucoin is quite safe to make use of. This is due to its efforts in security on both the operational and system level. On the operational level, it helps that Kucoin has an internal risk control department which is dedicated. There is also one for operational procedures. All of this departments come with their stern operating principles.

On the system level, it is helpful that the construction of Kucoin was one utilizing financial level principles. This consists of standard transfer encryption procedure for data transfer layers. This means that all the user data and delicate information are deposited on bank-level data encryption. For extra security, there is a multifactor verification.  All of these safety measures make Kucoin extremely secure for users.

Does Kucoin offer great Customer Support?

Kucoin provides very great customer support. It also provides multiple ways of reaching out to the support team. There is support available round the clock and the members of the team take pride in settling problems in a timely fashion.

Users can contact support through the website or via mail at support@kucoin.com. Asides from answering queries and troubleshooting, the support team is always available to hear suggestions. For more information, pay a visit to the Kucoin website at https://www.kucoin.com/

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